Support Services

basic needsDuring their time in our programs, families receive comprehensive support services designed to help parents care for themselves and their families, begin intentionally improving their life skills and decision-making abilities, and develop the internal resources necessary to become self-sufficient. Along with intensive case management, services include educational life skills training, basic needs support, and aftercare services for program graduates.

Intensive Case Management: Case Management staff helps each family develop practical, attainable goals which include creating a workable budget, obtaining childcare, finding employment, applying for subsidized and permanent housing, and creating a savings plan.

Educational Life Skills Training: IFHA began expanding our educational services in 2015. Key skill building areas include financial literacy, health care and access, parenting, stress management, and employment skills, among others.

Basic Needs Program: When families enter our program they often lack even the most basic essential items. Upon graduating, families remain vulnerable for some time to disruptions in their stability while they work at building their assets and maintenance of consistent, adequate income. Our basic needs program provides comprehensive support in the form of basic supplies and temporary financial assistance to cover expenses that threaten to disrupt a family’s progress towards stability.

Aftercare Services: A volunteer aftercare specialist stays in contact with families who have moved on to permanent housing to support their continued advancements and offer resources as needed to keep families on track.