Nick’s Story

We’re calling Nick a Hope Forest volunteer, and he certainly helps there a lot, but really he has been involved with several Inter-Faith programs. As a member of Ambler Mennonite Church, he has helped host families in our emergency shelter, too. It’s a family affair for Nick, since his mom and dad, Randy and Sally, have been involved with the Interfaith Hospitality Network since the beginning.

“My parents would have me come around, say we’re going to Inter-Faith,” said Nick. “And it’s stuck with me and now I’m doing Inter-Faith. It just seems natural and feels good to do, almost part of me now.”

It’s the connection with families that he cherishes.

“One of the things I value most about volunteering [with IHN] is after the meal’s over, and the conversation continues. Everyone leans back in their chairs and talks…I think that is one of the coolest things I see, developing those relationships and having interactions that have a sense of normalcy, instead of living in crisis and figuring out where you’re going to stay or where your next meal is coming from…the conversations are wonderful.”  

Nick is our go-to guy for a helping hand, no matter what the task.

“Sometimes Sue will call me up and say, “Hey, we’ve got some donated furniture. Will you help move it into one of the apartments?” or “An apartment had a water leak; can you help pull up the soaked carpet?” Nick mows the lawn at Hope Forest and maintains the yard.

“It’s my outlet for service and I’m grateful for that.”

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